Fuzz-Stang MKII demo video by GearMannDude!!!

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What a great way to start the New Year! GearMannDude has done a demo video of the WrightSounds Fuzz-Stang MkII. Of course, the white coily cable of distinction is in there :)

Check out the video HERE!

WrightSounds makes Best of 2012 list

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Dave Hill, amazing guitarist, amazinger comedian, and all around amazing guy, selected WrightSounds for his Best of 2012 list. Dave uses a Fuzz-Stang as well as a custom K-Tone Fuzz pedal made by yours truly. Take a look at his list and get ready to laugh…

Follow WrightSounds on Instagram!

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Hey people! If you’re into looking at pictures of cool guitars, FX pedals, (and my other obsession, Mercedes Benz autos) then follow my Instagram account. Just search for WrightSounds and you should find me!

WrightSounds interview plus Fuzz-Stang drenched tune by Radiation City!

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Here’s an interview from Mischievious Productions… and a killer tune by Radiation City that’s drenched in Fuzz. Fuzz-Stang’s that is!

10 Fuzz-Stang limited edition pedals are now available!

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Did you miss your chance to buy one of the first 100 Fuzz-Stangs? Well now you have another chance. The printer that manufactured the nameplates made an extra 10 in case any were damaged during production. He recently asked if I had any need for them. “Yes I do”.

$199 is the cost. Contact me to purchase!

WrightSounds pedals now available at Emerald City Guitars in Seattle!

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I’m pleased to welcome Emerald City Guitars to the WrightSounds family. I recently made a trip up to Seattle and talked with owner, Jay Boone, at his AMAZING guitar store in Seattle, Washington. If you’re in Seattle, or even in the vicinity, do yourself a favor and check out this store. Great vibe, super nice staff, and ridiculously nice instruments. They’ve got oddball stuff like Danelectro and Silvertones, Mosrites, Kay, etc and also a vintage collection of Fender and Gibson guitars that will knock your socks off. Check ‘em out people and while you’re there give the Fuzz-Stang Mk II a test drive!

WrightSounds pedals now available at Sounds Cheap Music in Pleasant Hill, MO!

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I’m pleased to announce that WrightSounds’ pedals are making their way to the midwest. Sounds Cheap Music has just picked up the line and are now carrying Fuzz-Stang MKIIs and Super Boosts. Check out this great, family owned-and-run music shop if you’re in the Kansas City area.

WrightSounds pedals now availabe at Rock n Roll Vintage in Chicago!

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I’m very excited to introduce the latest dealer to pick up WrightSounds pedals… Rock N Roll Vintage in Chicago, IL. This place is amazing and FULL of great gear. Definitely a must-stop shop if you’re remotely near the area. They’ve got Fuzz-Stang Mk II‘s and Super Boosts in stock. Give ‘em a call, check out their website, or head down there in person!

WrightSounds is the DIY Business of the Week

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Check out the interview about my business start-up at the DIY Business Association website

Get your WrightSounds pedals in Belgium!

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I’m happy to announce that WrightSounds pedals are now available at the Guitar GAS Station in Brussels, Belgium. They’re a new, great looking webstore that specializes in guitars and pedals that are hard to find in Europe. They’ve picked up some really cool boutique brands so far and WrightSounds is one of them. Check ‘em out at Guitar GAS Station!

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